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@100PERCENTLIZ / QTPOC Virtual Conquistador

Elizabeth Mputu.
Ball of tension. hyperbolic.
online is not a safe space but u can map out your own terrain bravely
free education thru forum
adult play time in cyber utopias as established by “clicks and enters”
“clicks and enters” as activism/actionism, activating n stimulating alternate realities n possibilities
healing centers. online presence as a mechanism 4 centering political identity n drawing energy towards the preservation of ur kind. groundation. seeding. 
bleeding out wen ur net worth’s oversharing/ networks overbearing/demanding
still us in a machine, queering normative standards of existing.
refreshing pages. refreshing. new ages.
refreshing. options. selectivity
new windows. perspectives.

 I’m liz n I’m a #thot online


@100PercentLiz on Instagram for Art Basel 2015

@100PercentLiz on Instagram for Art Basel 2015

In collaboration with performance artist Kate Durbin's piece Hello! Selfie Miami curated by Transfer Gallery for Art Basel 2015. Mputu details through Instagram posts their experiences and sentiments as an African American artist paving paths in the New Media field that is not used to the presence of these identities.